Tattoos for Women

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Tattoos

Pink Ribbon Navel TattooPink ribbon tattoos for women symbolize the fight against breast cancer and honor those who've lived or died with this disease. Just the sight of the pink ribbon has become synonymous with this illness and the battle for a cure.





The Most Popular Tattoos for Women

No one should be surprised anymore when seeing women wearing tattoos. There are so many female stars that are tattooed, so why not the average woman? More than just star appeal, tattoos for women are seen as very sexy and attractive as well. One can say that many women have become noticed mostly because of their tattoos, popular examples are "Suicide Girls" and Kat Von D.

Let's see which are in fact the most popular tattoo designs for women:




Back Tattoos for Women

tattoos for women back tattoo dragonNever let it be said that tattoos on the back, shoulders, neck and upper buttocks aren’t popular. Even though a woman might have difficulty seeing her own tattoo if it is placed behind her, every woman knows that with a mirror and a little bit of practice, offering up a view of her tattoo – unintentionally while walking or deliberately on a her part of her body that is normally never seen,  can be very sensuous.




Belly Button Tattoos for Women

belly button tattooNo matter what your opinion is about tattoos, today with the popularity and the craftsmanship and artistry that it takes to do a good tattoo, you have to think that some of them are works of art. (Remember I said a good tattoo!)

Belly button tattoos for women or ring finger tattoos are no exception to the rule.




Celebrities Love Tattoos

Pamela AndersonYou can’t find pictures of celebrities today without seeing their tattoos. And once a celeb shows off their tattoos, their fans also seem to want a tattoo. Like Angelina Jolie proves, there’s no time limit on when a star gets a tattoo.

From old school - Pamela Anderson, with her barbed wire tattoo, to new school - Rhianna and her stars, celebrity tattoos set trends and inspire a new generation of fans to get similar tattoos - to emulate their idols.



Finger Tattoos for Women

Between Rhianna and Miley Cyrus finger tattoos for women have come into vogue in a big way.  Ring finger tattoos for couples are also in fashion. People feel that inking gives a feeling of commitment that rings may not have for them.

However, finger tattoos are very high maintenance items. It's time to take a closer look at the phenomenon of tattoos for the fingers.




Star Tattoos For Women

musical note and star tattooStars are to the late 2000’s as barbed wire tattoos were to 1990’s and tribal tattoos were to the early 2000s. As tattoo trends emerge, star tattoos are easily recognized as the most popular tattoo for this generation for both men and women.

Kimberley Vlaminck, a Belgium teen, was so enamored with the idea of stars, she had 56 of them tattooed on her face by a Romanian tattoo artist.