Finger Tattoos for Women

When I was looking to get married, it was definitely about the bling, not so today where ring finger tattoos for both men and women is experiencing a upswing. Couples feel as though they are making a stronger commitment with permanent ink. Just like wedding rings, these band tattoos come in a variety of styles. Unlike rings, you can't pull them off if you want to party.

Unlike wedding band tattoos, Rhianna and Miley Cyrus are using their finger tattoos to express themselves. Rhianna's says Shhh, while Miley has a heart and an equal sign, signifying her support of gay rights.


Dragonfly TattooDragonfly TattooGetting a Finger TattooGetting a Finger TattooInitial TattooInitial TattooCeltic Wedding Band TattooCeltic Wedding Band Tattoofinger-tattoos-wedding-coupfinger-tattoos-wedding-coupMiley Cyrus Finger TattooMiley Cyrus Finger TattooMiley Cyrus Heart TattooMiley Cyrus Heart TattooRhianna Finger TattooRhianna Finger Tattoo

But ring finger tattoos, as I mentioned are high maintenance items. Unless you are twenty, the base of your finger is subject to wrinkles, creases and folds. Think touch-ups - frequent touch-ups over the years to prevent blurring and to repair damage from scratches and cuts. Also, your hands and therefore your finger tattoos will be subject to a tremendous amount of wear and tear - on a daily bases.