The Most Popular Tattoos for Women

Butterfly Tattoo Design

This design comes in various sizes and shapes, not to mention colors, and it is counted as the fourth among the most popular tattoo designs right after tribal tattoos, star tattoos, and cross tattoos.

Butterfly tattoos are the most popular design favored by women, as it is a very feminine design as well, as well as being naturally beautiful. In case you are getting your first tattoo, then butterfly is definitely one of the best “beginner” designs. You can position it on the shoulder or on the ankle. The meaning of this delicate insect depends on each individual belief and culture as well.

It carries the symbol of transformation, rebirth leading to the meaning of new life for those who have passed over tough times. It stands also for the symbols of beauty, soul, love, good luck, etc. as the butterfly is so small and delicate. All in all, when you are looking at tattoos for women, you can't go wrong with a butterfly tattoo.

Fairy Tattoo Design

Represents a creature with wings that relates more to the naturalistic type of religion. They resemble a lot to the angels of the Christian religion, but they have lost some of their pagan symbolism and have become popular emblems of cuteness and sweetness with a bit of magical in them.

For the women who want to have the symbol of freedom that the representation of the winged creature brings into the tattoo, then a fairy design is a good choice. It can be very colorful and sexy, as well as designed to look good on the upper part of the back or the lower one, as well.

If you are somewhat whimsical, then a fairy tattoo is a great choice.

Flower Tattoo Design

Flowers are symbolic of timeless beauty and this is a very popular tattoo design for women. Many women prefer having it done on various parts of the body, especially since you can place a flower design on almost every part of the body.

Therefore, the arms, neck, legs, belly, breast, and back are all great place to put a flower tattoo. And, of course, a rose tattoo is the most popular flower tattoo design because of the various meaning of the flower.

A red rose is the symbol of romance and unity, a pink rose is for keeping the love secret while the white rose is the one for love assurance. Rose buds stand for innocence.

The water lily, another popular flower tattoo design means purity of heart, representing as well the rebirth, survival and enlightenment.